Concept to Production Engineering Capabilities


Concept or Idea

Ohio Rotational Molding can get you in touch with our sister company, Medal Technologies, for custom design and concept creation. ORM works directly with Medal Tech. to help get your product ready for the molding process.

Create 3D printed prototype

Directly from your custom designs and 3D models, ORM's sister company (Medal Technologies) can 3D print your product for testing before an expensive mold is made to fine tune the product.

Create Mold

ORM can take your designs and 3D models and have the mold made for rotationally molding your product. Our molds are high quality and fine tuned to perfection.

Manufacturer Approval Samples

Once your molds are made, we can run the product through our rotational molders to get sample products made. We won't move forward on a product until product samples are approved and perfected.


Ohio Rotational Molding has large scale and high volume production ready for any product. “We have the capability to perform Full Assembly and Finishing.”